w113, 230 sl, 250 sl, 280 sl


Hobby, love, business, entertainment, work
investment all in one car:
the Mercedes  w113, 230 sl, 250 sl,or  280 sl type

The Mercedes w113 ( also known as Pagoda) 230sl, 250sl, 280sl was created in 1963 and production continued until 1971 when Mercedes began producing the w107, using newer technologies.
The Pagoda is love at first sight: it is sporty, elegant, comfortable and reliable. To drive it is to experience the original Mercedes feeling. When you turn on the ignition there is no flashing or beeping, warning you to fasten your seat belt,  just the power of the six cylinders.  It’s just like 1963, without the worry of the choke – the mechanical ‘einspritz’ will do all the work. It is an example of top German engineering, with excellent drivability and the perfect brake mechanism. With both the awning or a hardtop it’s a perfect drive, but nothing compares to the cabrio feeling of the w113 Mercedes SL. With the awning down you can feel the wind, experience the scents of outside, and see the world advancing. Even if the air is cold,  you can enjoy comfortable 10-15degrees inside the car with the roof still open. You will truly believe, even though it was built fifty years ago, that the Pagoda is still the best car ever built. And that is why we chose the Mercedes w113. We accept we cannot be experts in all car types, and that is why we work only with one brand and one model, and we believe we picked the right one.
If you agree,  and choose a Mercedes w113, you too are going to enjoy every minute in your car. Our company has bought, transported, reconstructed and re-sold this model of car for ten years, and we would still liked to keep every single one we work with.
We offer several services to improve your Pagoda, as listed in the Shop menu. They are our specialised inventions to help you get the most out of your car.

Our company works only with Mercedes W113 type (230SL, 250SL, 280SL, PAGODA)  veteran cars renovation and trading